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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Halshan Beef Synergy
Halshan Halshan Beef Synergy
Sale price$ 6.75
Halshan Turkey Synergy
Halshan Chicken Synergy
Halshan Chicken & Vegetable
Halshan Beef & Vegetable
Halshan Prime Selection Chicken Blend
Halshan Whole Ground Beef & Bone
Halshan Prime Selection Beef Blend
Halshan Whole Ground Chicken & Bone
Halshan Prime Selection Turkey
Halshan Ground Turkey Neck & Veg
Halshan Beef Heart
Halshan Halshan Beef Heart
Sale price$ 4.99
Halshan Turkey & Vegetable
Halshan Whole Ground Duck & Veg
Halshan Whole Ground Rabbit & Bone
Halshan Whole Ground DuckHalshan Whole Ground Duck
Halshan Whole Ground Beef & Veg
Halshan Lamb Synergy
Halshan Halshan Lamb Synergy
Sale price$ 8.99
Halshan Lamb Heart
Halshan Halshan Lamb Heart
Sale price$ 11.99
Halshan Ground Turkey Necks
Halshan Prime Selection Diet #1
Primal Beef & Salmon Nuggets
Halshan Whole Ground Chicken & Bone with Veg
Primal Chicken & Salmon Nuggets