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Halshan Turkey Synergy

Product Description
Synergy Diets    (Not a complete diet)     Available in: 1 lb packages

Our Synergy Diets are candida free with non rooted vegetables that helps control allergies and yeast infections.  All ingredients are stamped for human consumption, and prepared in our USDAinspected facility.  Because this diet does not contain bone, you may cook if needed.  Just add a calcium supplement like powdered bone meal for a quick and easy meal...
65% Meat, 10% Organ, 25% Vegetables

Ingredients:  Meat, Heart, Liver, Zucchini Squash, Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, & Pumpkin

Synergy Beef
Synergy Chicken
Synergy Turkey
Synergy Lamb
Halshan Raw Feeding Guide

Not sure about how much to feed your pet daily?  Generally 2% to 3% of their total body weight is correct for most dogs and cats.  Very young pets may need a bit more, while older or less active pets may require less.  These are only general guidelines as different pets have different needs. 

2.0%                        For weight loss or sedentary dogs
2.5%                        Maintain weight
3.0%                        For slight weight gain
3.5%                        For significant weight gain
4.0%                        Growing puppies/kittens
4.5-10%                    For very young puppies/kittens
$ 4.99

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